Shield Hero Fans Are Shook Over Naofumi's New Enemies!

A new dragon hourglass, a new problem... How will the Shield Hero team tackle this new Wave?

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Gather 'round, everyone! It's that time you've been waiting for every week: Shield Hero time! If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!



we on a boat

Wow, straight to the opening this week, huh? This week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero isn't playing around! After the discovery of a new dragon hourglass, the Shield Hero team (BEST TEAM, by the way), teleport back to the capital to relay the news to our fierce queen. And unlike the newly exhonorated Trash King, she's quick to get to business and assembles an army ready to take on the Wave. Hey, we might do better in this Wave with all this help, right? Right...? Hm, I've got a bad feeling about this.


Precious Melty!


Hey, we got Melty back in the Shield Hero party! Naofumi complains, but he knows it in his heart that without the very valuable assistance from Melty, the Shield Hero team isn't complete. Let's not forget that she can use pretty strong spells, so she can hold her own in a battle!


please behave, other heroes


With the Cal Mira population evacuated, now all that's left is to focus on the battle without bringing any harm to innocent people. Buuuut... as usual, the other three idiot Heroes didn't want to cooperate and fight together (seriously, what is their DEAL?!), so there was no way to make a strategy to best take on the Wave. You would think that at this stage, they'd finally be more talkative and cooperative, but nope! "We'll be fine after we level up at Cal Mira," they said. Well, we'll see about that. 


What's on your mind, L'Arc?


But that's okay, because they've got L'Arc and Therese! They were totally reliable and not a pain in the butt! However... something seems... not right with L'Arc. He averts his gaze when Naofumi looks over his way. What could that possibly mean? In the previous episode, L'Arc and Therese declined Naofumi's invitation to party up once more. Yeah, there's something fishy going on here.



Alright, alright, now's not the time to worry about that; the Wave is upon us! Time to gear up and fight! Our fierce queen's army begins by dumping these cask bombs using those high alcohol content berries to knock out the weaker monsters swimming about. With them weakened up, all they gotta do is shoot them down! Now all that's left is to focus on the big boss of the Wave.



Wow, this Wave boss is HUGE! And not only that, but he's fast and has a pretty high defense, making him quite troublesome. As usual, the three Hero Stooges can't seem to hit him, but it's cool, Naofumi and Filo's got this! Naofumi successfully aggro'd the beast and together with Filo they led it out in the open for a clear shot. Don't mess this up, other Heroes!


why are y'all here


So, of course, what do they do? THEY MESSED UP! The Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes couldn't even tickle the Wave boss! Didn't y'all level up in Cal Mira?! Because it sure as hell doesn't look like you did! Why are y'all HERE?! Meanwhile, Raphtalia's harpooning the Wave boss and dealing big damage, but she can't get a vital shot due to its fast movements. They have to try and come up with another plan, quick!



Because the Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes failed to even scratch the Wave boss, everyone's distracted and some of the smaller monsters managed to get onboard the ships. There's no need to fear... Melty is here! She makes quick work of the monsters to save her crew... but she was too careless! One of them snuck onboard and has now grabbed Melty, ready to drag her underwater! Who's going to come to the aid of our precious princess?


Why, it's none other than L'Arc! What a trusty guy! L'Arc gets to work on eliminating the invading monsters like it's nothing. This allows for the ship's crew to rally up to finish taking care of the small fries. Okay, things are looking up! It's time to team up with L'Arc to take down this Wave's boss. "I suppose it does need to go down first." What are you mumbling about, L'Arc? Hmm...


No time to worry about that; let's focus on the Wave's boss! L'Arc unleashes a deadly attack on the boss, badly wounding it, and between him, Filo and Therese, they manage to defeat it! VICTORY! No thanks to the Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes... hey wait, NOW they suddenly appear?! What for? "Isn't it obvious? The drops." Geez, I wouldn't want to play an MMO with these guys. They go on babbling about how the drops from the Waves are only meant for the Heroes... which kinda sets L'Arc off.
L'Arc pls
Hey look, it's time to worry about that bad feeling I've been having since the beginning of this episode! L'Arc, I get it, these three Hero Stooges are pretty awful and they do nothing but cause problems, but can't we just talk about this? No? Nope, I guess we're not gonna talk about it! Though it looks like he really didn't want it to come to this. Just what is going on here?!

why can't we be friends


Out comes the truth: L'Arc and Therese are Heroes, just like Naofumi, and they're also not from this world! Their world is at the brink of destruction as well, and they've traveled to this world to prevent that from happening. They need to annihilate the Heroes from this world to save their world! Welp, this is a massive problem because L'Arc and Therese are VERY strong; the other three Heroes don't even stand a chance as L'Arc just basically swats them like flies.



And so, the fight between Naofumi and L'Arc begins, with some impressive animation displayed! Therese joins in, but an interesting thing happened: while attacking using the bracelet that Naofumi made for her, the attacks won't harm him. After all, he's the creator of that bracelet. I wonder if this is how all crafted items react in this world... 



Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo are doing their best to keep L'Arc and Therese at bay, but Melty's not one to be left out; she demands that Naofumi hurries up and defeat L'Arc and Therese so they can all go back home. That's a tall order, princess! But sure, let's see what they can do! 



After some playful banter, it's time to get back to the fighting! And the fight is quite the sight, with both parties trading blows one right after the other! The BEST TEAM truly shines as a unit here with each member taking care of attacks they excel in. L'Arc finally takes a hit, although not a fatal one... this is going to be tougher than I thought.


oh damn


Before they can really get into the battle, they're interrupted... by GLASS! Oh DAMN! And what's this? She's allied with L'Arc and Therese? So that makes her another Hero from their world too... She compliments Naofumi on growing stronger, but notes that he hasn't used his ace in the hole yet. Glass is determined to take on Naofumi and defeat him... this is going to be one hell of a fight! 


However, we won't see it until next week's episode! I can't believe it'll be the last one, but you know it's gonna be awesome! I'm curious about the true nature of the Waves; are Waves really just portals from other worlds so Heroes can fight other Heroes while sending monsters their way? Will Naofumi triumph against Glass, L'Arc and Therese? Will the Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes ever be useful? Naofumi won't be going home just yet, will he? We will hopefully find out on next week's episode!


Now it's that good 'ol time we love: time to see YOUR reactions to this week's episode! Let's find out what y'all thought:













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