Death Note The Musical to Return in January 2020 with New Cast Members

One of the two cast for Light Yagami will be chosen in the ongoing audition

A new stage musical adaptation of the Death Note manga series created by Tsugumi Ohba (story) and Takeshi Obata (art) is set to return in January 2020, and its main cast members, including 30-year-old actor Ryota Murai as Light Yagami and singer-songwriter Fu Takahashi as L, are revealed today. As with the first play, the protagonist Light will be played by two actors, and another cast will be chosen in the ongoing audition.


The first musical adaptation was performed in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi from April to May in 2015, then ran in South Korea from June to August in the year with Korean cast members. The new play is scheduled to be performed at Toshima Arts and Culture Theater in Tokyo and other theaters across Japan.


Main cast:

  • Light Yagami: Ryota Murai (30/Sakamichi Onoda in Yowamushi Pedal stage plays) 
  • L: Fu Takahashi (singer-songwriter/his first stage play) 
  • Misa Amane: Sakura Kiryu (15/Peter Pan in the Peter Pan musicals) 
  • Sayu Yagami: Hirai Nishida (17/dance&vocal group ONE CHANCE member) 
  • Rem: Park Hye-na (reprising her role in Death Note The Musical Korean edition) 
  • Ryuk: Eiji Yokota (47) 
  • Souichiro Yagami: Kiyotaka Imai (61)






CM for the audition



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