IDOLiSH7 Prepares for Cat Cuteness in Namja Town

Namco launches collaboration event for idol series


Since we heard that IDOLiSH7 is getting renewed, we've all felt a little like celebrating. And it seems we're not alone: Namco's Namja Town is launching an adorable collab cafe for the idol boy franchise.


Titled (A)IDOLiSH Night with You, the event will see IDOLiSH7 taking over various parts of the amusement center, from merch to food. The high point of the event? A special broadcast where you can see the cast playing games and recording behind the scenes. The broadcast also includes a menu challenge, with each voice actor tasked with coming up with a tasty dish.


Those tasty dishes, as you may have suspected, can be sampled at Namja Town! Each comes with a trading card featuring the character played by the voice actor who created it. Try Tenn Kujo's Heavenly Donut Sushi, Riku Nanase's Smiling Jelly Plate, or Momo's Magical Teriyaki Chicken... just to name a few:



Of course, you'll be able to pick up merch from the event, too. Acrylic standees, pouches, and more feature new art of the bands and managers as cute catboys and catgirls.



(A)IDOLiSH Night with You in Namja Town runs from July 20 to September 17.


>> (A)IDOLiSH Night with You in Namja Town Website

>> Watch IDOLiSH7 on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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