(PS4) Playback freezes every 50 seconds for some videos or series

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Posted 2/21/18 , edited 2/22/18
1) This is a repost, I accidentally put it in wrong group before.
2) Others have reported the base issue, constantly, but I have here more detail than I've seen others mention.

On PS4:

Video player is experiencing issue where for some videos it will play only about 50-55 seconds of video, then freeze. It never unfreezes that I've seen. You can go back to queue, select same video again, and it will play another 50-55 seconds worth, then freeze again. This can be repeated forever to painfully see something in 50 sec chunks. [I speculate there is a problem with the buffering mechanisms and the original 55 sec burst probably corresponds to amount downloaded when connection is first made, but additional blocks are never forthcoming when requested.]

More data points:
1) The problem effects some series but not others. For example, the "Fairy Tale" series is not watchable on the PS4, Something which has remained constant for months.

2) This issue may affect specific episodes or sequences of episodes of a series rather than an entire series (e.g. episodes 1-20 of a series may play just fine, but not 21-40).

3) This problem appears to be specific to the PS4 version of the application. I have not observed this so far with Roku or Android versions, nor with browser playback, but I use these latter 3 infrequently so that may not prove much. Note: I have tested the other platforms mentioned and for me they always worked even as the PS4 version fails. But I *really* want the PS4 version to work, since that is the only way I can watch the vids on my main TV!

4) Premium membership.

Observation: this problem appears to be a permanent condition for whichever videos are impacted; that is, this doesn't just randomly effect any playback but rather specific videos.. This is probably a valuable hint. Perhaps for example these breakage points in specific ranges of videos (e.g episodes 1-20 working and 21+ failing) correspond to specific sub-servers which host particular groups of videos. (?)
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