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Posted 7/28/18 , edited 7/28/18
I've been getting a out of memory error on my first generation PS3, It's happened several times most recently on 07/28/2018. The error code is "An exception has occurred with the application. Please restart the device. Error: Out of memeory Line: 21, Source:source.js/lib/cr/Dictionary.js"

While this is a inconvenience if it occurs on;y once in a while it has now been occurring more and more frequently. The PS3 application seems to have a nasty little memory leak. I hope this reach someone who can point this out to the proper team and resolve the issue as it makes using the crunchy roll app unusable and the only reason I have the service is for use on this device.

Also might want to consider a general support platform as it is difficult to find where to submit such errors to as there is no general help/support ticket area I could find on the website.
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Posted 8/5/18 , edited 8/6/18
I'm having the same problem. I'm wanting to watch Girls und Panzer, but I can't go longer than three minutes or so without the error popping up. I have no issues watching newly uploaded episodes from currently airing series, this is the only series I'm having trouble with. I watched the significantly older H20: Footprints in the Sand a couple of weeks ago and had no problems.
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Posted 9/15/18 , edited 9/16/18
I also ran into this error today while watching Asobi Asobase. It necessitates a complete reboot of the PS3 when it occurs. Humbly asking Crunchyroll to check on the memory link for the PS3 app.
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Posted 10/13/18 , edited 10/13/18
Ps3..... ps....3?!?!? i think your problem is the ps3.
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Posted 10/17/18 , edited 10/18/18
Actually it’s crunchy roll that’s the problem. All streaming services work just fine on my ps3, also when I use my ps4 I still have issues with crashing and other things. It’s gotten to the point that I might just give up on crunchy all together
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Posted 3/10/19 , edited 3/10/19
I’m getting this error too, I got it the second time in a week. The screen told me to quit the program and restart it, but I couldn’t quit the program, it locked up my PS3 after a few attempts to close the program. The show was still playing in the background, but I couldn’t watch it very well because of the tinted overlay.
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