Ending sub due to poor performance on crunchyroll

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Posted 8/25/18 , edited 8/26/18
So after waiting for the rest of the world to watch one piece (thrid week in a row) I had the longest loadtime ever yet again. So I'll be watching much better ones on a new site I found. If you bought servers instead of working on your sexist store Lots of us wouldn't be leaving your sub. If you decide to get more servers let me know, I'll try it out on a new release day.
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Posted 8/28/18 , edited 8/28/18
I think you are the only one experiancing the issues that you are having, I seem to be having trouble figuring out exactly what your issue is.

Please make sure to check your own internet connection and that you aren't trying to do something that may not be entirely legal.
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Posted 8/30/18 , edited 8/30/18
Make sure you have your app fully updated and pause any other updates or downloads you might have going on as well. Sony loves to sneak them in on us in bulk and those mass downloads will slow your rate to the floor.
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