Now the latest episode of JoJo not showing on PS4

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Posted 10/5/18 , edited 10/5/18
First there was the latest episodes of attack on Titan and now the latest episode of JoJo’s bizarre are not available to watch on the PS4. Crunchyroll sort your crappy service out this seems to be happening with all the latest episodes. You have premium customers who pay monthly and expect a level of service but you do not even bother to try and fix it. There are many other posts on here about the same topic and nothing has yet to be done.
You will start to lose all your customers if you keep this up.
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Posted 10/14/18 , edited 10/15/18
Just gonna state that before Crunchyroll started this 1 hour simulcast thing you usually had to wait 24 hours minimum as a team of people subtitled them out of the goodness of their hearts. Most would take longer and would even be a week later. But if you want to go back to that wait go ahead. No one here is stopping you.
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