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Posted 3/24/19 , edited 3/25/19
I signed up for CR preminum to pay 9 bucks a month solely because I wanted to watch Mob Psycho 100. I get the app, put it on my ps4 pro and the one Anime I got the app for will not play. I keep getting an u able to access online features. Check your network connection but there is nothing wrong with my connection. Everything else streams just fine. I am in the US by the way. Some help would be nice because CR is none at all.
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Posted 3/25/19 , edited 3/25/19
Crunchyroll is experiencing major hardware and software stability issues ongoing. This non functional service simply has no fix for customers who pay for its services. Customer services is non existent but you can send in a help ticket. You will get a form letter and the problem
Will keep happening for months! If you keep the service under these conditions Crunchyroll thanks you for paying for its broken system. I get this error on my iPhone 7 and iPad! my iPhone and iPad streams all my other apps fine this error appears on every video After the commercials play! I would never pay for this hot mess! This issue has been ongoing for months!
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