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Posted 3/26/19 , edited 3/26/19
I'm a new subscriber and I mainly use the PS4 app. It works but the UI/UX is horrible.

Here's some issues I have along with some feedback/suggestions and would like to hear what you guys think could be improved.

Play next episode of a show:
When I want to play the next episode of something I have to do this:
Main menu > My Queue > History > select "More Options" > select "Videos" > pick the next episode.

This is the opposite of user friendly. Maybe something similar to what Netflix does. From the start screen there should be something like "continue watching" where the shows I'm currently watching are displayed, if I pick e.g. My Hero Academia it should resume where I last was or play the next episode.

"My List":
I'd like some feature where I can select a show and add to my list and then I can access this list from the start page. Right now the only thing I can find is My Queue which seems like a very messy way to implement this.

Overall UI overhaul:
The app looks really dated and on top of that has some real UI/UX issues. I'd recommend looking at the Netflix PS4 app which I think they really pulled off good.

Please chime in with anything, I'd love to hear others opinions.

I love Crunchyroll so far and I want to love the app as well!
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Posted 3/26/19 , edited 3/26/19
Yeah the UI is pretty nasty but if you want to play the next episode on the ps4 all you have to do is press R1 no need to go back.
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