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Posted 4/3/13 , edited 4/3/13
It may just be my playstation but heres whats happening, Ive been watching Naruto on crunchyroll and my playstation keeps freezing at some point throughout the episodes. Other than that, which is the main problem, the audio and video will go out of synch at random, continuously for multiple episodes. My playstation never had this issue while streaming video online, and would only sometimes freeze while online gaming. Any suggestions?
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Posted 4/5/13 , edited 4/5/13
I'm getting this problem as well, but on Google Chrome.
It's not my internet speed, and it's not my RAM.
The video isnt buffering, it just completely freezes up.
Refresh page, video works for 30 seconds, freezes up again.
Come back tomorrow, videos will work for one or two episodes of a series, then bam.
Freezing starts again.
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Posted 4/9/13 , edited 4/9/13

If you're still having playback problems, please feel free to reach out using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.
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