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Posted 7/28/13 , edited 7/28/13
I had been previously been using this app on the xbox360 with almost no issues at all. My gold ran out so i decided to switch to the PS3 to continue my Anime adventure. Every time i try to watch a show everything is fine until the intro credits start so i skip past them to the show again. The subtitles are completely out of sync i cant speak japanese nor understand it. I have tried a few things i saw on here so far nothing works. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 7/29/13 , edited 7/29/13
I've found that if I watch more than about 2 shows in a row, I often have to quit and restart the application in order for things to sync back up. My problem is usually with the audio and video not synced, so it might be different, but if it's working for you for one or two episodes, then it starts getting off, try just closing and reopening the app. Sorry if you've already tried this.
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Posted 7/30/13 , edited 7/31/13
Would you guys pry know when this major problem could possibly be fixed it kind of gets a little frustrated at times when your at the good part if you know what i mean
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Posted 8/7/13 , edited 8/8/13

Mine's doing this now too... On Bakemonotagari.

I watch one episode then half way through the next the video seems to slow down, but the audio keeps going. It's a real pain having to close the App every episode.

Never had this problem before and haven't checked any other series yet.
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Posted 8/14/13 , edited 8/14/13

This is a known memory leak issue. Please try shutting down the app and console, then powering back on and restarting.

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