I'm having numerous problems with the app

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Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/2/13
Hey, I've been using this app for a few weeks now and I've had some recurring problems that are pretty frustrating.

1. Many episodes I've watched have stopped partly through and skipped to the next episode.

2. Sometimes when I play a video, the screen goes black and the Playstation 3 becomes unresponsive, and I need to shut it down.

3. Some videos often just seem to load very slowly. The episode will play for a few seconds and then stop. I don't know if it's buffering or what... I rarely have Internet connection problems, and this problem was happening just now and I'm not having any Internet connection problems elsewhere (including the PS3 itself).

EDIT 4. Another problem I just remembered was that videos tend to lag pretty badly after a few episodes of watching in a row, though after just checking through another thread this seems to be a problem the staff is working on fixing and is possibly a widespread issue, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

So yeah I'm having numerous problems with the app that are very frustrating and don't exactly make watching enjoyable when I'm fiddling around trying to get videos to work half the time. Any fixes to these problems would be greatly appreciated.

Some other info that may or may not help: I have no problems with Crunchyroll on my computer and every video seems to load fine on there (perhaps relevant to my third problem). Also, I rarely seem to have trouble watching the currently airing shows (though they happen once in a while) and these mostly seem to pop up while I'm watching Gintama (which is mostly what I have been watching since using the app on PS3, episodes 9 through 191 since I've started using it).

Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 8/2/13 , edited 8/2/13
I haven't had problem #3, but the other problems are pretty common for me. I think all of your problems are pretty common and widespread and we're all just dealing with it until crunchyroll pushes an update, which is supposedly in the works. (I only watch a couple episodes at a time, so it hasn't become ultra frustrating for me yet.)

In the meantime, closing the app and reopening it every couple of episodes will help prevent problems 2 & 4 and having the show you want to watch first in your queue so you are doing minimal button pressing/scrolling will help. I've also read that scrolling through episodes of a long series will trigger problem 2. If you're not too crazy involved in Gintama, you might want to temporarily switch to a series with fewer episodes so that if problem 1 happens, you don't have to scroll through too many and trigger problem 2.
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