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Posted 9/8/13 , edited 9/9/13
Ok i have been having a problem with the PS3 app. I know some other people have been having it too. First i start the App and work my way to Naruto. I click the episode i want to watch and it will play just fine then 5 sec into the show the video slows down to a crawl but the audio keeps on going normally. Sometimes the sub titles just disappear. I am trying to get my wife caught up with the Naruto series and everything was fine for the first couple of episodes. I have tried hard resetting, resetting my internet devices, resetting my connection with the PS3 and even switching between wired and wireless connections. It is starting to get really bad and i am hoping someone has a solution soon.

I guess i should also mention i do not have this problem with Naruto Shippuden when i want to watch the new episode, it only happens with the Naruto series around episodes 166.

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Posted 9/8/13 , edited 9/9/13
If you haven't already, you might want to send an email using the /help?topic=contact form, as you'll get a much quicker response there than on the forums.
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