Streaming issues in South Korea

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Posted 9/15/13 , edited 9/15/13
Hi there. Been using the app for the past 6 months on my PS3, TV, PC, and phone. No issues with the service until the past week, when episodes simply stopped loading or took about 20 seconds to load 5 seconds of playback. 3 AM yesterday it actually started streaming quickly again but today back to a mess. I've been trying it on all the aforementioned platforms and they all suffered from the same slow loading issue. Anybody else in the area going through this? Very frustrating...
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Posted 9/16/13 , edited 9/17/13
If you're doing this wirelessly, try plugging in an ethernet cord to one of your devices and see if that helps. You could also try going into your settings and changing to the lowest quality just to see if it runs better. Since it's a problem with all of your devices (which all use different apps) it sounds like either an internet traffic issue based on time of day or something up with your personal internet connection.

Good luck getting it figured out
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