App Crashes PS3 When Scrolling to 2nd Season

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Posted 10/12/13 , edited 10/12/13
On the PS3 app, when you open the videos for a series and start scrolling through them (even slowly), the app will crash the PS3.

I've found that this appears to happen when getting to the next season of videos after the first. I've experience the issue on Wagnaria! for a long time now, and thought it was just that series. But recently I tried to scroll through Magi and Valvrave to get to the first episodes of the new seasons, and had the same issue as soon as my scrolling hit the first video.

So it seems to be an issue with different seasons in a series.

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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13
This happens on Kuroko's Basketball as well.
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Posted 10/15/13 , edited 10/16/13
This issue has occurred for every single anime in my bookmarks at one point or another. I can't even get to the latest episodes of certain shows. When I emailed support about it I got some cookie cutter response multiple times. Customer service is DEFINITELY lacking in this department.
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Posted 10/16/13 , edited 10/16/13

Can you please try the suggested work around in the stickied thread?
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