Horrible playback on a few anime

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Posted 7/19/14 , edited 7/19/14
The Irregular at Magic School Ep. 16 worst I've come acrossed plays 20-30seconds then pauses indefinitely no matter how long I waited (I did wait 5 mins) I fast-forward to 5:15 from 0:30 & it rubberbanded back to 3:00 played a little then paused again. I had similar issues with other anime recently but that is bad. The other animes are -
Momo Kyun Sword Ep 1 & 2 & Fairy Tale Ep 58 through 69. Others don't give me problems, even watching other several anime after watching one that does give me issues.

I miss few parts on those anime doesn't bother me but miss any of Irregular at Magic School does, it's one of my favorites like SAO but never had issues with that one..

PS3 Fat
internet provider Comcast
Dl 15mbps
Ul 3.5mbps
Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/27/14
Ok I'm really getting sick of this problem, my niece was here today for a few hours she wanted to watch Shugo Chara(27-29) all had major issues, I had to throw crunchyroll app on phone played a little Shugo Chara on it... (it mainly to distract her, she doesn't like watching on a small screen) I rushed to find my Nanaoha DVD which that helped for a while... She likes magical girl anime.... My brother in law commentedwhy do I keep paying for this crap, truthfully I'm starting to agree he was going to to ask how to sign up but after second hear how bad bad this problem is he decided not to look into crunchyroll even tho I told him Xbox 360 may this issue... He is a big anime fan too..

One Last thing if the issue is not fixed by my next billing cycle then I will be canceling it... I like crunchyroll but enough is enough
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