PS3 app buffering issues

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Posted 11/9/14 , edited 11/14/14
Hi, I had no problems streaming via PS3 for the past few months but I've been having major buffering issues for the past 2 days. Usually it fixes the problem for me if I just exit the app and start it again but it didn't help this time. I also tried reinstalling the app and restarting the console but it didn't do anything to fix my problem. Checked my connection, no problems there. Any suggestions?

:EDIT 11/13/14:
I had customer support help me with this issue. Switching the DNS settings on the PS3 directly seemed to have solved the constant buffering issue I was having.(at least for now) Mods, feel free to close this topic. I will just contact customer support if I start experiencing problems again. Thank you.
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Posted 11/17/14 , edited 11/18/14
I'll have to try that
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