A lot of minor issues on PS3 app

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Posted 11/19/14 , edited 11/19/14
Hello, most(if not all) of these issues are already known, but I'll still report them in hope it gets to their attention sooner than later.

Over the past 2-3 months I've been using the app, at random times, some videos won't load, at all, or stop loading properly during my viewing, it seems to happen more on some series than other, for exemple I never got to load a single episode of Ramen Fighter, had to watch it on my computer, I've had a lot of trouble with Akame ga Kill too, while some others works perfectly from beginning to end like Golden Time.

The Skip/rewind function is TERRIBLE, not much to add to this, it will always skip/rewind at a different time than intended, and sometimes it makes the whole video bug, and it's impossible to make it work without rebooting the entire app.

The history menu isn't accurate at all, it shows random episodes that I watched a couple of days ago.
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Posted 11/20/14 , edited 11/20/14
I've not had chance to give it some decent marathon-use (all my main shows release on weekends) but last night I found that not only did the app update but the loading times and issues i have had constantly on the PS3 for the past few months were totally nonexistant.

Maybe it was coincidence and good luck but it could also be that some of the issues got fixed in this update.
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