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Posted 4/2/15 , edited 5/10/15

I'm using a PS3 Slim and recently I've been noticing frequent skip ahead of 2 - 5 secs and right after the skips, the quality drops. I then have to rewind it and then quality is good again. This happens up to 10 times an episode.

This has happened to the last 2 series i've watched and watching. Just posting in case people that work at Crunchyroll actually read the forums. I know there's no fix, which is sad.
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Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/2/15
It happens to me too, and I would like to know if there's a way to make it better. I'm watching some animes on my ps3 slim, and I found out the same problem happenning a few time by episodes. And, for any reason, it's happening way more often when I'm watching Fate Stay/Night. Is there a link or is it just random, I don't know, but every week, this serie has more issues than the others.

Well, anyways, if there's a way to fix this, Crunchyroll, I'll be more than happy, because it's pretty frustrating watching a show this way, and I'm paying for this.
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Posted 6/1/15 , edited 6/2/15
I get a half second lag, then my quality drops, and I know it's not my internet connection. What gives? None of my other HD streaming services suffer from this problem.
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Posted 7/12/15 , edited 7/13/15
What's worse is it'll do that, then won't let me rewind to the spot where it started and skips foward to almost the end of the show... Annoyed to pay for a service that is so buggy.
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