Ok... dont use PS3 app... i get the message already.

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Posted 9/10/15 , edited 9/10/15
@ 28:31 in Deathnote (drama) 10 the app decided to throw in the towel... it will not play beyond half a minute anymore after which it instantly cuts to the que menu... any attempt to watch the episode now results in it loading in at 28:31 in the video and only playing said minute or half a minute before jumping to the que again..

this is just one of many issues... but most importantly the last straw...

the Samsung APP CR has discontinued worked just fine 90% of the time...

the PS3 app on the other hand i cant watch a single episode at any time of the day without 1s jumps accompanying sudden quality shifts... or the dreaded controller scan error where the RR/FF always takes you to 5s before the ending of the episode reguardless of what you do until you reload the episode.. or the insane sensitivity of the thumbsticks and the triggers making it impossible to handle the controller while watching (and often triggering the scan error in the process of a slight bump)

the worst the Samsung app did was sometimes have connection issues during peak hours..... i didnt care at all that it lacked the higher quality HD....

well i have not had a good history with this even beyond this... way back when suddenly the player refused to work on IE or firefox for a bit.... and then reversed so that it refused to work on Chrome.... (my main browser)

im running out of options CR.... i will try my Xbox 360 next if i want to do ANY TV streaming....
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Posted 9/10/15 , edited 9/10/15
I remember having issues as well back in the day when I started using the app, but since then it came around and now I've been using the app on my ps3 for years and more recently, on my ps4 as well with no problems whatsoever.
In other words, the application actually works, so it has to be an issue on your end.

Where are you streaming from? as in what part of the world.
What's your internet connection like? and what's the setup, wireless or connected through cable at all times?

Wireless can be particularly dodgy at times.
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Posted 9/10/15 , edited 9/10/15
As far as your videos quality issues, I have noticed
that CRs video player is very very picky. It wants
you to maintain a constant connection to the internet,
and if you drop off... there is a high chance it will stop
buffering properly. So, if you are using wifi, and your
connection is a bit dodgy, that might be the issue there.

As for starting late in the video, if it only happens with
the one video, I seem to recall the ps3 app "saving"
your viewing progress on a video.
It's quite possible you somehow skipped ahead
in the video, and it wants to start you back where you
where. Now, I can't recall how I would fix that, but I assume
you wither need to clear your cache or simply rewind the video.

Both are annoying problems that I hope are addressed, but they are fixable in my experience.

As for getting screwed over by the App controls... that I can't provide any advice on.
just carefully place the controller in the middle of some elevated surface, such
as a table, and only touch it when you need to do something. <.<
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Posted 9/11/15 , edited 9/12/15
CR needs to fix the ps3 app, I've never had issues until this month. I can't play aa single video. Allof the other steaming apps on my ps3 work perfectly and Iam connected to the internet
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