Crunchyroll App is very unstable on PS3

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Posted 7/2/16 , edited 7/2/16
Is the app working for you guy? Mine on my ps3 is like it only plays the video if the app feels like doing so. Half of the times I try to watch an episode, it won't play, any suggestion?
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Posted 9/1/16 , edited 9/2/16
I just recently rather as of today started encountering the same issue. I might get a minute of show time before it freezes up and that is it. I've even tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my PS3 and get the exact same results.
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Posted 9/2/16 , edited 9/3/16
I get the same thing here PS3 it stated this week I could watch afew minutes then it freezes and I have to exit the video then play it again and choose resume. It sucks watching a episode like that.
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