PS4 Streaming? PC stream to tv (wireless)?

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Posted 12/15/16 , edited 12/16/16
So the PS4 CrunchyRoll app doesn't seem to show the resolution of the anime being streamed but it looks like it's 720p instead of 1080p, is there a way to change the settings?
If not then I'll just delete the app and find another option.

I have a powerful PC and an amazing Internet connection but I prefer watching shows on my tv that is in another room. Is there a convenient way to display my computer screen into a tv in another room wirelessly? Heard Steam has a gaming streaming service device for pc gaming but not sure if I can have a device to just allow me to mirror to another room plus have a controller or keyboard to have in the other room away from the pc.
Writing this at work on my phone so excuse any mistakes in Grammer or my question.
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Posted 12/15/16 , edited 12/16/16
If you want to connect your computer to your TV, use an HDMI cable if your computer has a slot.

For my gaming laptop, I just plug the HDMI into the receiver on my laptop and TV, switch TV to correct channel and I now have a huge 4K monitor.
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Posted 12/16/16 , edited 12/16/16
For streaming CR to my TV, I use Chromecast. I can use the tablet, PC, phone, and even Google Home/Amazon Echo to do it. Once it's on the TV, even if you used your PC as the main source, it automatically shows up on all connected devices (via wifi) so you can use your phone as a remote.
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