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Green Lines and Video Freezing with PS4 App

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Posted 6/24/17 , edited 6/24/17
I'm having some annoying aspects with the PS4 app myself. It always seem to freeze up every 2nd episode of any show I watch. I have resorted to using the Xbox One app that has better playback and actually tells you what episodes has been watched unlike the PS4 app.
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Posted 7/7/17 , edited 7/7/17
I am having this problem as well on ps4. I'm watching Fairy tail and 2 minutes in it totally freezes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it never helped. I am a premium member and don't know what's causing this but it is annoying.
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Posted 7/27/17 , edited 7/28/17
Just wish they say we try to fix but it's like they don't give a shit
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Posted 10/1/17 , edited 10/2/17
I've occasionally had this problem, with odd nights where it plagues everything. Well I've found tonight that it is guaranteed on Sound Euphonium S2 ep 1. And what a surprise! 2 other users reported the same thing 6 months ago before it was claimed that a fix was being worked on!

You know what? Before I got my PS4 my PS3 was my bedtime streamer, and that app had serious issues too. When I reported them, support insisted on me showing them detailed reports of my internet connection, insisting it was somehow a problem on my end. Yes, this must be too right? Despite paying for a 250mb connection with 20mb up and no traffic management, and every other service working on all of my devices, the report I gave being clear, it can't be a problem with crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll doesn't seem to give a toss about the console apps. An episode reported 6 months ago is still broken. It's sad when you fork over money to legally support anime and the service just leaves you wishing you'd torrented it instead. Getting my PS4 to play an mkv off a usb drive would probably be less hassle than getting crunchyroll to actually fix the app or source file.

How about another console peasant* classic: "Unable to accesd online features. Please check your network connection settings and try again." This is what I reported a few years ago on PS3, and it often comes up on PS4, requiring a system reboot and app close minimum, sonetimes lasting all night. Well original Naruto has this message for every single episode (UK viewer). This isn't new, and as you can see by me posting, my connection is fine. In fact other videos on crunchy aren't giving that message right now. How strange! My connection must be designed to block pre-pubescant ninjas only!

Are crunchy ever going to do anything about the awful service on these apps? I doubt it, so I guess this coming renewal is when I cancel for good.

*Not that I don't own a nice rig but it's not convenient for the tv

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Posted 3/4/18 , edited 3/5/18
Watching the 4th Volume of RWBY and it's happening every 20 to 30 seconds. Very obnoxious. This didn't happen for 3 seasons, and now I have to switch to my computer instead of my tv. please fix!
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