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Posted 7/30/17 , edited 7/31/17
Hi ,

I am currently watching Fairy Tail, I was watching the first part on another website since there was episodes missing on crunchyroll, but came back to crunchyroll because I do prefer crunchyroll to other website.

I watch animes on my ps4... I am around the episode 50-51-52, and the thing is, the episode starts like normal and shows what happened in the previous episodes, then when the opening starts, after like 10 seconds it lags and then freeze totally. And It won't move. I tried waiting, thinking it might just be temporary, but it doesn't move at all.

The thing is, it only does that with Fairy Tail, I am able to watch other series, so it is really weird.

What is weird also is, when I watch Fairy Tail on my phone, it works perfectly fine, I just don't want to be stuck watching the whole serie on my phone.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing as me with their ps4?

My PS4 is only 1 years old and is almost as new, so that's why I don't understand why it is doing that?

Thanks in advance for future answers!
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Posted 7/31/17 , edited 8/1/17
I'm starting on Fairy Tail episode 49 and it's doing this exact same thing to me right now! Also on PS4.
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